Quick Start Command (CPU Miner Windows):

cpuminer.exe -a <ALGORITHM> -o stratum+tcp://pool.migpool.com:<PORT> -u <WALLET.WORKER> -p <ANYTHING>

Quick Start Command (CPU Miner Linux):

./cpuminer -a <ALGORITHM> -o stratum+tcp://pool.migpool.com:<PORT> -u <WALLET.WORKER> -p <ANYTHING>
Coin Symbol Algo Ports N. Hash Rate Hash Rate Mature Pending Workers Difficulty Change In Fee Donations:
icon Chia XCH Go to https://chia.migpool.com
icon Chives Coin XCC Go to https://chives.migpool.com
icon Raptoreum RTM ghostrider 3008,3032,3256 288.09 MH/s 37.03 KH/s 9 0 16 7.7368 1 blocks (appx. 0.02 hours) 0% RTL8MjQcNhb1ZsQXpyxEmKKontscbqB8ut